About MaMo

MachineartMoto (MaMo) designs and produces specialized protection products for BMW motorcycles with a “design edge”. Function and design are equally considered in every product and made with great attention to quality materials, fit and finish.

MaMo has been a part of the BMW motorcycle aftermarket world for 4 years now and it has become clear to me that a more pliable medium is needed through which to communicate with customers and interested enthusiasts beyond the limitations of the MaMo web site. This blog, MachineartMan, shall relate new product information, information learned through customers’ and our own experiences installing and using MaMo products, and my insights about motorcycle design and the market in general.

We welcome your participation. After all, it is riders for whom we design the products and everyone’s input helps us to improve features and evolve the line. An example is the MudSling MAX developed after our original MudSling rear fender for the R1200GS. Riders with Jesse and Micatech aluminum panniers asked for a MudSling that fit with their beefy mounting brackets, so we re-designed the form to clear the brackets and made it 15mm longer for more coverage at the same time.  The MudSling MAX fits with all OEM and aftermarket pannier mounts and was the result of rider feedback. Let us know what you think.

Andrew Serbinski – aka: MachineartMan



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