LC X-Head Questions

To Sales:
I see that you expect to announce new products for the ‘14GSW.  Will they include cylinder head guards?  If yes, how soon do you expect to have them for sale?  Lastly, please tell me about why/how your design doesn’t interfere with the cooling of the heads.  Thanks much!

Craig H

Thank you for the inquiry.  We have completed the design of X-Head cylinder guards, and a MudSling for rear suspension and splash protection. We will have production ready to ship in March.

The cylinder heads are liquid-cooled so this new model, even more so than the previous ones, is efficiently managed thermodynamically.  Our X-Heads are designed to cover about 80% of the face of the head to protect, not only the bottom/front initial impact area in a drop, but also the upper part of the cylinder head.  Even in a stationary drop, inertia can cause a bike to roll partially onto the face of the head before it settles down. This product is about protection so we cover a broad area, and the new engine design keeps temperature stable.

Thanks for your quick and thorough response.  One last question, if I install you cylinder head guards, do I really need crash bars if my riding is primarily, if not exclusively, road?

For mostly street riding X-Heads will be sufficient. Some riders do not like the look of all that plumbing around the engine so opt for cylinder guards instead.

For off-road riding, X-Heads are a good complement to crash bars to protect heads from weird strike angles onto rocks and terrain that can get past the bars, especially at the rear of the cylinder.


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