Progress – New products for 2013GS_LC

I’ve been silent for a few months while work is intensely proceeding on three more products for the 2013 GS_LC that will accompany the Avant front fender extension that’s already available. Broad coverage, tough and stylish X-Head cylinder head covers are in their last prototyping stage now and  I’m only going to show photos of some of the early steps in the design process below – laser scanning the surfaces of the engine and initial idea sketches. X-Head_LC will function and look better while being less expensive than guards available from the three well known German aftermarket producers. More shots will follow as it becomes appropriate to reveal them. I expect products to be available in late January.

Andrew – MachineartMan

laser scan sketches


3 thoughts on “Progress – New products for 2013GS_LC

  1. Andrew,
    Thank You Sir for the news letter & update on the development of the X-head=
    covers for the new GS.
    I will be anxiously awaiting their debut late next January.=20
    They’ll look great on the new liquid-cooled Boxer.
    As always, I continue to promote Machine Art Moto items on the BMW Forum.
    I haven’t heard any member say it didn’t perform as advertised.
    The Avant GS fender extender has pleased me so far.
    Ditto for the Mud Sling R1200R inner-fender and X-head covers.=20
    Can’t wait to see what new items will appear.
    Best of luck to you and all the great staff at MM.
    David Lemmond

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