Slipscreen for R1200GS/ADV

The Slipscreen mini windscreen installs directly to the R1200GS with existing hardware. The GSA, however, because of its additional windshield support bracket for its taller shield requires longer left and right  “clamping bolts” to pass through the additional support.  The black plastic donuts and bushing through which the bolts pass are also different.  In the recent past it was possible to purchase the GS version parts individually for about $10 from the BMW dealer, but BMW has now packaged the entire mounting kit under one part #46637677670 costing a whopping $70.50.  Therefore, GSA owners who want the comfort benefits of the Slipscreen will have to purchase the Slipscreen at $129 from us, and the mounting kit at $70.50 from BMW.  Unfortunate, but true.



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